Coliving: the new frontier of sharing

Coliving is here, the new frontier of sharing that goes beyond coworking by providing living and working spaces to create unique and innovative shared creative experiences

The new frontier of sharing is coliving, which provides residential units equipped with both shared workspaces and sharing services. A workplace that allows professionals to combine work and daily life, an environment suitable for stimulating socialization and sharing.

In a constantly evolving world that manifests the need for flexibility and adaptation to change, coliving is an ideal solution. In fact, coliving offers innovative solutions capable of responding to the continuous market transformations, from staying up to date by sharing ideas, to the possibility of moving without constraints and always remaining connected, managing to optimize, among other things, the costs of activities.

Coliving is often called the evolution of coworking, as it goes beyond the idea of dedicating a space only to work by adding it to the living environment; in this way is supported the concept that creativity is stimulated by the synergy between work spaces and living spaces. Not by chance many start-ups use coliving as a business tool. For example, they are rented for weeks in order to develop design thinking processes or for months to increase design capacity using the services offered (such as private spaces, work equipment, sharing services) without having to set limits of time and boundaries of space.

This new working trend sees as protagonists different types of professionals and creatives, generally included in the age group between 25 and 45, and also companies that use coliving as a reference point for smart working employees or who need to move around.

Sharing your home and work at the same time certainly has economic benefits. What is more effective than sharing and improving your projects and ideas with other professionals who have the same needs as you?

Therefore, coliving is a space that responds to the most current work, housing and economic needs, stimulating creativity and sharing. It is an excellent tool for those who work travelling or for those who do not like to have a permanent residence.

Beetroot srl with its service dedicated to the development of relationship spaces has realized the project Beetcommunity, a coliving in Palermo located in the Liberty and commercial area of the city. Beetcommunity, located inside a historic building, offers an environment that can conciliate work with private life: a work area with individual workstations, equipped with all the tools needed for each type of profession, from graphics boards to screens for post production, from the classic printer to the photographic one; a multifunctional area for business meetings, training activities or exhibitions; in addition to shared areas such as the kitchen, laundry and a small outdoor area enriched by lush Mediterranean flora. The physical environment is supported by a virtual space, the online community, able to guarantee and stimulate the interchange between multidisciplinary professionals with the aim of creating, developing and accelerating innovative ideas.