What is coliving?Optimising living and working spaces to promote social cohesion and collaboration among residents

What is Coliving? A coliving offers modern and flexible solutions that are in line with the new consumption habits and lifestyles embraced recently by young and old generations. In the context of a sharing economy, in Europe the living/working solution offered by coliving is the most successful in meeting the evolving needs of flexibility of workers.

But what is coliving in practice?

The idea of coliving was born as a response to the recent rise of rental costs in Europe and in the world. It is definitely an ideal solution for smartworking millennials and for all professionals who travel for work.

A coliving block of flats is composed of flats of variable size, several common spaces and a variety of services to allow professionals balance their private and work life in terms of costs and time.

This is an innovation going beyond the concept of coworking, helping to balance life between socialisation, work and sharing.

Living in a coliving space

Renting a private space, such as a bedroom, within a building with shared areas allows you to live in a common space maintaining your autonomy, while also saving relevant rental and management costs. In fact, living in a coliving facility allows young entrepreneurs and professionals to combine a living and working experience while cutting costs.
This is a readaptation of the concept of working community, created and applied by professionals with the aim of enhancing collaboration, innovation, partnership, sharing economy and wellness economy.

Benefits of Coliving

In overall, coliving has many benefits, costs less than a home office solution and offers much more. As well as saving on fixed costs, it also offers the possibility of cutting variable costs such as Wi-Fi, heating, electricity and management in general.

The advantages are, among others, to have spaces of various sizes, cleaning and linen change services, support for every kind of worker, free Wi-Fi and TV subscriptions, shared spaces. In terms of time, working hours become more flexible, saving the time of the journey to get to the office or coworking space.

The best coliving spaces – such as Beetcommunity, the coliving space in Palermo, managed by Beetroot srl – organise experiences, workshops, dinners and events, offer discounts at restaurants and shops.

Coliving represents a new way of working and living and a new way of working and travelling. It can be defined as a concept of time as stay-work-share, a shared residence equipped to combine work and life, dedicated to various professionals, cultural operators, creative people, entrepreneurs, who, through technology, aim at combining mobility and business.