Transforming difficulties into opportunities and it makes us ready for new challenges and identifying new paths.

Loneliness, silence and a lot of time available. Being afraid of never finding our normality again, amplified by the fact that the whole world is experiencing the same situation. The pandemic is eliminating all of our certainty, but resilience will be useful to cure the covid19 virus.

For this reason, it is necessary for each of us to live this biological rest period as a moment of reflection, observation and construction. This situation of deep crisis of the human being should become an rites of initiation that leads to a higher level of awareness. Awareness that was hidden since today, it made us lose the ability to see the horrors caused by the inappropriate use of our intelligence.

An intelligence able to unsheathe its weapons to find the cure for the coronavirus COVID19. Among these, a very powerful human weapon is resilience, the ability to change our normality by transforming difficulties into opportunities. A dynamic adaptation process that leads to a positive change, which makes us strong in the face of new challenges.

In a moment of huge difficulty on a global level, the person who knows how to identify new goals with motivation and harmony is resilient; the one who has a propensity for change without considering it as a threat; the people able to make timely decisions while navigating in uncertain situations.

Resilience is part of the human being; those who think they don’t have this ability should develop it, facing difficulties as a path of individual and collective growth.

And in this sense, the forced quarantine of entire populations, is bringing some positive results: by forcing the mankind in difficulty to redesign his life path, finding a better balance with himself, with those around him and with mother Nature.

But a reaction that has led to an improvement, destined to become lasting, is the acceleration that the use of technology has had at all levels. It’s like if we finally understood that the use of technology can have more noble purposes, positively changing our daily habits.
In a moment of crisis, technology has become our most advantageous aid allowing the continuity of our activities. Today it is widely used: smart working in the Public Administration, in corporate and professional work; distance learning in universities and schools; telematic purchases in all commercial sectors.

A total interconnection that amplifies and enhances the concept of network and community able to become the meeting point between new needs and products/services, giving space to new social and economic dynamics.