Sharing experiences and interests online

Carrying out many of the real-world activities in a virtual space where you can share experiences and interests

Forgetting your body to carry out many of the real-world activities in a virtual space where you can share experiences and interests, this is what online communities do.

An online community, just like communities in the real world, represents a union of people with common passions or interests, who define their sense of belonging, fostering relationships, involvement, exchanges between members that are part of it, through the digital tools.

There are several reasons why people choose to be part of an online community:

  • access to information;
  • affinity;
  • relationship or inclusion;
  • help and benefits.

Today there are several online communities able to share and identify everyone’s values and needs, you just have to search on google to find the one that best suits your needs.

Among the multitude of online communities in the digital world, who can beat the competition?

The answer is simple, whoever focus on strengthening the bonds between users wins. Communities are commonly identified as a safe place that has changed over time, following digital evolutions and social changes. Today, communities are using increasingly advanced communication channels, if on the one hand they are able to guarantee easier and more immediate connections between people, on the other hand they neglect what is a fundamental factor of a social relationship, the physical presence. .
In fact, it is wrong to think that a community can fully perform its relational function only through a virtual channel. For this reason, digital systems must be understood as tools capable of implementing the relational interactions that also take place physically.

For example, members who identify their self with the values of an online community to strengthen their bonds, need both digital contact and physically to transfer and share their values.
This is because man, as a human being, needs physical coexistence to understand the validity of his interests, and needs also comparison with others through events or meetings, to confirm that he is an integral part of a real world.
Therefore, meeting opportunities for users who are members of an online community, become essential specially to intensify the sense of belonging; digital people become real, connections become closer, ideas exchanges become immediate, more tolerance for the ideas of others develops, participation becomes more active and consequently also online engagement increases.

Starting from these assumptions, Beetroot srl has created the BeetCommunity, a digital and physical space at the same time, for anyone who wants to feel part of a shared environment.

BeetCommunity is the place where different professionals meet, but with the same goal: sharing synergistically their expertise, their product or service

The community is designed to be a network of interdisciplinary professionals that uses all the news of online communication to keep up to date on the main technological and market trends, to develop new ideas and innovative projects. A group of people, with common interests, who uses Beetcommunity as an interconnected way of communication to:

  1. share new ideas and practical suggestions for the realization of projects and ideas;
  2. create innovation through brainstorming and shared decision making;
  3. participate actively and personally in the implementation of co-financed projects;
  4. transfer solutions that derive from the experience of other users;
  5. encourage collaboration through open and group discussions;
  6. learn from other community members;
  7. participate in events proposed by both members and Beetroot;
  8. exploit the community physical space, for a physical collaboration to the projects.

Therefore, Beetroot, thanks to the active participation of everyone within Beetcommunity, brings together ideas to carry out projects. A free sharing to produce value.