BeetCommunity: an office that inspires innvoation

An office needs to be able to stimulate innovation, thanks to a environment that facilitate research, development and comparison.

The space where you work is to be considered as a means to facilitate involvement, productivity and innovation. For this reason, companies, startups and professionals need to work in an ideal environment that allows you to transform your work into a holistic experience.

But what is an office that can stimulate innovation?

Nowadays hiring the best talents is not enough, you have to innovate at record speed and in environments mostly depressing, where you feel chained to your desk, without have any exchange of ideas; In this way, creative thinking can be an obstacle to even the most talented, preventing them from creating innovative ideas.

We at Beetroot’s team in making Beetcommunity are committed to improving the work experience so that you can be as productive as possible, here’s how.

An adaptable workspace

The active participation of all allows employees and members of the Beetcommunity to organize the working space according to their needs. In fact, the multifunction room is designed to be adapted to every need, from the photo shoot to the meeting room, from the workshop area to the relaxation area. Everyone can feel free to express their ideas and opinions without fear of repercussions on work: everyone can feel free and autonomous. This approach is important to maintain psychological serenity; this allows employees to be more prone to take risks, to entertain new conversations and give more creative solutions. With this type of approach, mistakes can become a learning possibility and problems are resolved with more than positive outcomes.

An exclusive culture with its own rituals

From trivial coffee breaks to the most relevant events, from workshops to group dinners, all are simple actions that create a sense of belonging and stimulate the creation of an identity shared between people. At Beetcommunity for example every day we offer coffee and fresh fruit juice to enjoy in our shared kitchen or in our small lobby; these spaces were designed to be a true center of gravity and to stimulate people to chat and share their ideas.

There is no controller but a real community manager who has the task of ensuring that everyone feels part of the community. In addition, we organize real events at the beginning and end of the week focused on creating connections and exchanges between people. All of these rituals help the Beetroot team and Beetcommunity members to feel part of one family, helping to increase the psychological serenity needed for innovation.

The modern design mixed with the art nouveau style of Beetcommunity facilitates the realization of these rituals, but it is the connection between people that enriches daily activities with positive memories. Our experience ensures that these positive emotions help reduce anxiety about work by creating the basis for generating innovation.

Train creativity through the game

A playful approach stimulates the flexibility our mind needs to develop creativity and innovation. If we analyze carefully, the game is seemingly aimless – voluntary – implicitly attractive – free from the concept of time – a way to train self-consciousness – fosters improvisation – the continuation of a desire.

At the cerebral level, the game directly stimulates the neurotrophic factor (nerve growth), the amygdala (processing of emotions) and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (the area of executive decisions).

For this reason, we of the Beetroot team think that the game should not stop at childhood, indeed we argue that thanks to the game employees and members of the Beetcommunity train their creativity and succeed in realizing their innovative idea.

In our experience, by inviting employees to brainstorming sessions without time limits, no one felt guilty for pausing projects to devote themselves to free creativity (play). This repeated initiative over time has made it intrinsic in the working culture of employees that being creative and promoting innovation is part of their work, reaching the goal of creating an environment favourable to innovation.

The most innovative companies in the world are optimizing every aspect of their business, including physical spaces, to meet innovation. For this reason, Beetcommunity offers professionals and companies flexible space solutions that help to meet all work needs; In support, Beetroot through the innovation support service is able to accompany them in the right evolutionary process.