A growing number of professionals and young people in Italy are choosing to live in a coliving arrangement: that’s a modern and sustainable way of living and working

The answer to the question of why you should choose to live in a coliving is an easy one. This way of living and working is becoming increasingly popular in Italy, thanks to its undeniable economic, environmental and professional advantages.
Coliving is a kind of accommodation created to bring together people and workers with similar mindset and values who, thanks to the unprecedented opportunities for interaction offered by the Internet era, have chosen a more modern and sustainable way of living and working.

The values of coliving

The concept of coliving entails benefits of sharing, collaboration and networking. Coliving spaces are not only places to live in, taking part in a young and creative community, but also places where professionals and/or students can find fertile ground to develop their ideas and share advice and opinions.
In a coliving arrangement, cooperation and entrepreneurship are encouraged by a stimulating community with an international vibe in which, from chats over breakfast to coffee breaks, the opportunities of cultural exchange are plenty. In coliving spaces, therefore, it is easy for a simple conversation to give rise to professional collaborations between residents from different origins or background. Often the coliving members find themselves developing innovative projects together or working on ongoing projects with a fresh contribution.

Coliving and coworking: two inseparable concepts

Coliving is a fairly recent evolution and has its origins in coworking, by enhancing the idea of sharing with a sense of community and living together. Coliving means embracing a form of shared living, that has precisely the added value of becoming part of a community. It goes without saying, therefore, that an essential part of a coliving arrangement is a coworking space, where the newborn synergies are put into a network and cultivated to develop business projects. In fact, coliving is usually chosen by young professionals, freelancers and digital nomads, who share a smarter, more sustainable mindset and approach to life and work. Those who opt for coliving are looking for flexible living and working solutions, in which they can devote themselves to their professional goals, while being surrounded by like-minded people they can draw inspiration from.

Aiming precisely at community-building and creativity, coliving often promotes activities such as the organisation of or participation in shootings, exhibitions, workshops, shows or film festivals. These are moments designed to encourage aggregation and develop a sense of belonging: all this ensures that lasting connections are created between the different coliving members.

The practical advantages of choosing a coliving arrangement

A coliving accommodation is not just about sharing ideas and spaces, but also costs of living and services, as there are even benefits from flexible rental conditions and opportunities to network.
In fact, these shared living accommodations are equipped with all the comforts of a fully furnished home and are designed to foster interaction and productivity within comfortable and inspirational rooms. You won’t have to worry about bills or solving small daily management issues. Everything is included in the price, from WiFi to cleaning and appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, and the manager is always available to deal with any issue. The only thing you have to think about is selecting the option that best suits your needs, choosing between different types of rent, from weekly to annual.

By adopting a model of living and working together, the savings in terms of money are considerable; but it is also worth noting the consequent reduction of the individual’s environmental impact. Therefore, coliving is also an environmentally sustainable choice. Additionally, coliving can improve the quality of life even in cities, that often have a high cost of living, thus encouraging the mobility of workers and benefitting the world economy.

Being part of a community

Becoming part of a coliving community means becoming part of a globally interconnected system of people who are sharing their experiences, ideas and opportunities, and help members find what they need.
In BeetCommunity we created our coliving space in Palermo with this vision in mind and we are committed to providing as many resources as possible to help this kind of community grow. Take a look and join our Facebook group, BeetCommunity | Connected Professionals: you’ll find useful hints and ideas, and you’ll also have the opportunity to share yours.