Smart Working: the survival kit

Impossible to improvise! This smart worker survival kit will immerse you in the world of agile work with the right philosophy and will make you free and more productive

As we saw in the previous article what is meant by smart working, digital trasformation is facilitating and spreading the culture of agile work. And never as in this period of crisis, being a smart worker become a necessity.

But you can’t improvise: to become a smart worker you need to acquire 360 ° technological skills. To facilitate your growth path in the world of agile work, we’ve created a guide where you can find the main tools and applications that a smart worker needs to know, as well as valuable tips.

In the below is a collection of applications for smart working, a survival kit, which we at Beetcommunity use every day.

Trello – is a free management tool that works by taking advantage from the cloud. It is sufficient to register on the site, to have the possibility to create work management cards (single or group), which allow each user to check the progress of a project or of the processes carried out from upstream to downstream, insert notes or check-lists within the activities.

Trello | Beetcommunity

G-suite – those who know Google, know that it never ceases to amaze. In fact, internet offers for free a series of tools that can make life as a smart worker simple and manageable from a single platform: G-mail manages the mail; Drive offers the possibility to save and exchange documents in the cloud up to 15gb for free; Hangouts manages the organization of online videoconferencing; Calendar, will take into account all your appointments and invite you to participate directly by email; Google Documents allows you to create any type of document in any format, save it in the cloud and share it to be controlled and/or modified by authorized collaborators via email.

G-suite | Beetcommunity

Slack – is the instant messaging software, specialized in collaboration between subjects that integrates perfectly with Google, Trello and other tools used for remote work.

Slack | Beetcommunity

Mindmeister – designed for the purpose of brainstorming and conceptual maps, it offers the opportunity to graphically represent ideas and share them. It therefore make it possible to plan the projects stages, setting priorities and tasks, and encouraging creative activities.

Mindmeister | Beetcommunity

Wetransferexchanging heavy documents remotely is very important for those who work with video images or who have so many documents to send quickly in a single message. Just upload everything, enter your mail and the recipient’s email, and you’re done. A free service available to all.

Wetransfer | Beetcommunity

Skype – the platform offers the most stable performance in single and group video calls, instant messaging and screen sharing. Just create a free account.

Skype | Beetcommunity

Adobe Creative Cloud – despite having a license that renews monthly is a vital source for creatives. We are talking about a complete collection, with more than 55 programs for graphic design, for the creation of videos, site construction, photographic post production and so many things. But what makes it unique is the support of community, the cloud to save jobs and open them at any time, the ability to move the license from one device to another, according to your needs.

Adobe Creative Cloud | Beetcommunity


Once you learnt which applications are for smart working, to be a true smart worker you need some small tools, this time physical and not virtual. To start you need a computer and a good internet connection, which are the basics, followed by the following tools:

  • headphones – large or small, bluetooth or traditional with the wire: no matter the type, they are a real combat weapon, useful for isolating yourself, concentrating, working in super productive modes or simply to take a break;
  • powerbank – do not run out of charge: this tool is the solution to avoid unpleasant interruptions when working remotely, better be foresight when we talk about work.

Now that you own the survival kit for smart working, full of tools and applications, you just have to immerse yourself in the world of remote work by adopting the right working philosophy; choose your favorite coworking for when you want to work in a shared space, start traveling as digital nomads do and find your home in the world or simply optimize your time in the way you prefer.

You will see, being a smart worker will make you freer and more productive too.